30+ Years of Experience

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Join Jeunesse and seize the opportunity to sell revolutionary skincare products and anti-aging technology. It’s more than just selling – it’s about empowering others while building your own successful business

MonaVie, Inc. produces and promotes health and wellness merchandise, ranging from nourishing juices to weight management solutions and energy supplements.

In just three days, professional filmmakers will explore essential directing skills with Mark Travis, utilizing the TRAVIS TECHNIQUE, THE POWER OF STAGING, and DIRECTING THE CAMERA for a solid foundation in film directing

Astrio presents “History Reel (1992-2002)”: A compilation featuring 3D Animations, TVCs, Corporate Videos, and Filmmaking Workshops spanning the decade from 1992 to 2002


Numerous TVC’s over the years
Sony • Motorola • Nokia • Texas Instruments • Samsung • Panasonic • Siemens • RTM • Vision 5 • MetroVision • SMS Dapat • Babas • Adabi • Hot Hitz Album • Kenny-G Album • Television Airtime Services • Scorpions Album • Silver Bird • Polymer International • Motorsports Asia • MAS Golden Boutique • Club DJ Dance Music • Marlboro (MAT) • Malaysia Newsprint Industries • Maybank • Fabuloso • LITRAK (LDP) • MediWise • BMG • EMI and hundreds more…