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Collaborating with HP, I spearheaded the comprehensive design process for MDEC’s 3D render farm. From conceptualization to implementation, every step was meticulously crafted to optimize performance, efficiency, and scalability. The result? A cutting-edge render farm solution tailored to meet MDEC’s specific needs and drive innovation in digital rendering technology.

The online visa application system for the Kingdom of Bhutan was designed meticulously from conception to implementation. Each phase of the process prioritized user-friendliness, efficiency, and compliance with government regulations. The outcome is a secure and streamlined platform that simplifies the visa application process, making it more accessible and convenient for travelers to Bhutan.

The development of the online ticketing system for Sepang Circuit involved a thorough process from inception to execution. Every stage focused on enhancing user experience, ensuring seamless functionality, and meeting the specific requirements of the venue. The result is a user-friendly and efficient platform that simplifies ticket purchasing for visitors to Sepang Circuit, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

The design of the 4K digital film workflow for FINAS involved a comprehensive process aimed at optimizing efficiency and quality throughout production. From initial planning to implementation, each step was carefully crafted to accommodate the specific needs and standards of the film industry. The result is a seamless and advanced workflow that enhances the production process, enabling filmmakers to achieve superior quality and creativity in their projects

Discover a user-centric approach to navigating the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) official website. Seamlessly designed with intuitive navigation, our platform ensures effortless access to comprehensive information. Dive into the wealth of resources available, empowering users to navigate the extensive site with ease and discover valuable insights into Malaysia’s communications and multimedia landscape.

Embark on a digital journey to paradise with our resort-style website for Pulai Springs Resort. Immerse yourself in its responsive design, tailored to provide an optimal viewing experience across all devices. Seamlessly integrated with a booking engine and channel manager, our website ensures effortless reservation management for guests and administrators alike. Explore the allure of Pulai Springs Resort from the comfort of your screen, and embark on your dream getaway with just a few clicks

Nilai Medical Centre: Experience the future of hospital exploration with our cutting-edge website, featuring a sleek and modern design. Dive into our exclusive virtual tour, offering a captivating glimpse into the layout and ambiance of the hospital before you even step through the doors

senQ: We’ve developed an e-commerce system that seamlessly integrates with direct bank payment gateways, maintains live connections to warehouse management, and is fully linked to our company’s exclusive loyalty card system.

Numerous web development over the years