Award-Winning Filmmakers


Gathering acclaimed Hollywood talents from various filmmaking disciplines, the Filmmaking Workshop aims to educate and inspire both seasoned professionals and aspiring filmmakers. Through sharing expertise and insights, participants delve into the intricacies and techniques essential for crafting feature films and television productions

Mark W. Travis

Renowned as the Director’s Director, Mark Travis is hailed globally as the preeminent authority on the art and craft of film directing. His innovative techniques prioritize authentic performances that deeply resonate with audiences. Mark’s illustrious career includes directing and consulting on feature films such as “MEN OF HONOR,” “BARBERSHOP,” and “THE STONING OF SORAYA M.” He is also a bestselling author, with his books on directing being essential reading in film schools worldwide.

Dov Simes

Dov Simes is acclaimed as America’s #1 Film Instructor, with over a decade of experience teaching at prestigious universities like USC and NYU. Dubbed the “Champion of Independent Filmmaking,” Dov’s alumni include renowned directors and actors like Quentin Tarantino and Will Smith. His influence extends to blockbuster films like “THE MATRIX TRILOGY” and “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE,” where his graduates have made their mark.

Jeff Barnes

As the Co-Founder and Executive Producer of CafeFX, Jeff Barnes has spearheaded the transformation of a small visual effects studio into a global powerhouse. With over 80 films to its credit, including “SPIDER-MAN 3”, “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” and “2012,” CafeFX continues to set industry standards under Jeff’s visionary leadership. His commitment to excellence has earned the studio an Emmy Award and recognition as a world-class provider of stunning imagery.

Michael W. Watkins

Michael W. Watkins is a multifaceted director, producer, and cinematographer known for his work on hit TV shows like “PRISON BREAK” and “X-FILES.” With numerous accolades, including Emmy nominations and wins, Michael is dedicated to mentoring aspiring filmmakers. He shares his expertise through workshops and seminars while teaching directing courses at the University of Southern California.

Peter Wunstorf, ASC

Peter Wunstorf’s journey from shooting music videos to acclaimed films like “SMALLVILLE”, “HOLLOWMAN 2”,  “BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN” showcases his mastery as a cinematographer. A member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Peter’s work has earned critical acclaim and numerous nominations. His passion for storytelling through visuals continues to inspire aspiring filmmakers worldwide.

Scott Billups

Renowned as a Visual Effects Supervisor, Scott Billups has left an indelible mark on blockbuster films like “JURASSIC PARK” and “TERMINATOR 2.” His expertise extends to writing, with his bestselling book “Digital Moviemaking” guiding aspiring filmmakers. Scott’s contributions to the industry have shaped the landscape of modern cinema.

Guy Magar

Guy Magar’s career as a Director, Producer, and Writer spans indie features like “SHOWDOWN” to cult classics like “CHILDREN OF THE CORN: REVELATION.” With over 40 series and long-form productions to his credit, Guy’s diverse portfolio reflects his creative versatility and storytelling prowess.

Alan Caso

As the Director of Photography for acclaimed series like “SIX FEET UNDER,” Alan Caso has earned Emmy nominations for his exceptional work. His cinematic vision has elevated productions across film and television, making him a sought-after collaborator in the industry.

Pepe Valencia

Pepe Valencia’s expertise as an Animation Director has contributed to blockbuster films like “CHARLIE’S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE”, “BEOWULF” and “SURF’S UP.” With a portfolio spanning CGI masterpieces, Pepe’s artistic vision has brought beloved characters to life on the big screen.

Mark Goldblatt

Mark Goldblatt’s career as an Editor includes blockbuster hits like “X-MEN: THE LAST STAND” and “ARMAGEDDON.” His mastery of storytelling through editing has earned him recognition in the industry and a place among the most sought-after editors in Hollywood.

Charles Correll

With numerous episodes of successful TV series under his belt, Charles Correll is revered for his directing prowess. His contributions to iconic shows like “CSI: MIAMI” and “BEVERLY HILLS 90210” have solidified his status as a visionary director in the television industry.

Geoff Schaaf

Geoff Schaaf’s work as a Director of Photography has garnered him Emmy Awards and nominations for his exceptional cinematography . His skillful eye for capturing sweeping vistas and crisp shots has made him a respected figure in the industry.

Joe Alves

Joe Alves is celebrated as one of the most experienced Production Designers in the motion picture industry. With credits on international hits like “JAWS”, “ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK”, “GERONIMO” and “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND,” Joe’s contributions to visual storytelling have left an indelible mark on cinema.

Benny “The Jet” Urquidez

Benny “The Jet” Urquidez’s legacy as a Kick-Boxing World Champion and top fight/stunt coordinator is unparalleled. His expertise has shaped fight sequences in blockbuster films like “PEARL HARBOR”, “THE MOHAMMAD ALI STORY”, “CON AIR” and “BATMAN II,” earning him recognition as a master of his craft.

Carol Patton

As a Producer and Publisher, Carol Patton’s projects have garnered critical acclaim and awards. Her dedication to showcasing comedic talent in projects like “GREAT CONFRONTATIONS IN COMEDY” and “THE CRUCIBLE” reflects her commitment to promoting diverse voices in entertainment.